We are 6 miles from the north coast of Dieppe, in the middle of the English Channel, off the Normandy beaches, the unreliable waters with the very strong currents, storms and waves make the searches difficult and risky. These are the underwater archaeological divers of the Grieme guiding us on the shipwreck HMS Daffodil, they know ver well. 107 meters long and 18 meters large, you can easily get lost and disoriented. Especially when entering the wreckage core with the holds and officers and mechanics' cabins. Today, instead of the sailors, there are schools of fish finding their home overlooked by a big, suspicious and shy Atlantic Pollock.  The spiders themselves, are rather peaceful, nestled along the metal structures. Sunk at the end of World War II on March 17th 1945 after having hit a mine and carrying with it 9 crew members, this ferry train could carry up to 54 cars on its deck thanks to 4 tracks, still visible today at the front with the loading boards.

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