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100 art photographs on the website. All my photographs can be printed on request. Follow my work on Facebook and Instagram.

Mission 1000 tonnes France

Co-founder of the mission 1000 tonnes France

Organization that aims to protect watercourse and oceans

Stay tuned for upcoming citizen waste collection

Explorateur par l'image

My childhood can be described by two things: the English Channel and the Mediterranean. I have been discovering these seas with my mask and my snorkel from a young age. I was always looking for adventure, and still am today.

It is my family line of lighthouse keepers, sailors and professional athletes that my taste for adventure was born. I’m now a commercial diver and freediver specialized in taking underwater images and shooting in extreme conditions.

I love to share my vision of these environments, as I do while teaching to my scuba diving and freediving students and when I do conferences.

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