Series of the month.

Each month, a photo series is highlighted.

This month, the Saint-Jacques series is featured.

All the photographs were taken in the wonderful city of Dieppe in Normandy.

Photograph of the month.

Free delivery for the photograph of the month! This month, it is the Bonsaï aquatique photography taken in Normandy which is in the spotlight

Discover Quebec wildlife

The underwater fauna is too often unknown. My Quebec series of photos will allow you to see the richness of Quebec's aquatic fauna.


Morisson Photography won the Jury's Choice at the Galathea International Marine World Film Festival last March in Hyères, France. I was also appointed ambassador to represent Quebec and Canada on this magnificent festival.

After 3 years of studying multimedia, Manuel has developed a great interest and skills for new technologies. His technical knowledge has grown, as has his expertise in videography and photography. Manuel has practiced several extreme sports and has developed a real passion for them, which is why he has decided to specialize his productions in footage taken under difficult conditions. His ability to film in unique environments such as high mountains, arid zones or in the air stimulates his creativity and enriches his work. Through the years and due to his family's heritage of marine knowledge, Manuel has increased his expertise in capturing aquatic images (scuba diving or snorkeling). Recently, Manuel has trained as a professional diver at the renowned school of Marseille INPP to perfect his diving skills, but also to ensure the safest services underwater. Nothing can stop him!